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KITH x Converse 'Coca-Cola' AIO Proxies (10 GBPS)

Active for 8/9, $1.25 each

Jordan 1 Satin 'Black Toe' AIO Proxies (10 GBPS)

Active for 8/17, $1.25 each


frequently asked questions

At what rate do you charge?

Currently, we charge at a unit price of $0.75 for each 24 hour proxy and $1.80 for each monthly proxy. Prices can be significantly discounted through the exclusive codes given to our partnered groups or through doing groupbuys.

What websites can I use your proxies on?

Our monthlies are guaranteed to work on Shopify, but they may have a chance of working on various other sites like Off—-White, MrPorter, NAP, and NakedCPH (not guaranteed). However, please keep in mind of the risks that have to be taken into consideration when purchasing Data-center proxies (subnet bans).

Do you provide refunds or replacements?

No, in order to avoid any sort of exploitation of our service, we do not provide any refunds or replacements. All sales are final. We only provide refunds if we fail to deliver. Any attempts to chargeback will be deemed fraudulent and you will be permanently banned from accessing our proxy network.

When will my proxies be delivered?

All orders of 24 hour proxies will be delivered a day before the release from 10 to 11 PM est. As for monthly proxies, deliveries will be made on the date and time stated on the product. Proxies will be sent to you through the email address you provide.

Are there any bandwidth limits?

Unlike Residential proxies, our proxies are Data-center so there's unlimited bandwidth for you to work with! We do not limit our proxies in any way shape or form, so feel free to use our proxies as much as you'd like!

Do you do any groupbuys?

Yes we do! Feel free to send us a DM through Discord or Twitter. You could also send in a ticket through the "Contact Us" page.